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No Laughing Matter

Today we buried Yet another young man
I am writing this poem cause I do give a damn
He was shot in the leg and he died all alone
Wasn't there anyone around with a phone?
They say this happened late at night
All this death, it just ain't right
They found him dead in his car
He was trying to get help, he didn't get far
I'm tired of losing our strong black brothers
While the police stand by as we bury another
As the bullets fly,folk start to scatter
The war in our streets ain't no laughing matter
He was shot in the leg and he bled to death
I wonder who did it, how can he rest?
I'm tired of hearing mothers crying
While in the streets our children are dying
My heart is empty and I'm getting sadder
Losing our youth ain't no laughing matter

Written by Ebony Queen Freeman


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