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Gangster In the ghetto

When I was in the Ghetto, I was in a gang
That was the way we all had to hang
When people didn't like youthey'd give you static
When you were in a gang respect was automatic
Buckie was the leaderof our Clan
He looked out for us, cause he was the man
Even though everyone called him a thug
he'd greet me everday with a kiss and a hug
He was 20 years old and I was 17
He treated me special, I was his queen
One day Chico said "lets rob a store:
He had been getting high and he wanted more
Buckie and Stanley said"That should be fun"
But, No one knew that Chico had a gun
I begged him not to go , this is what he said
"If I'm not back in awhile, I'm in jail or dead"
Chico called "Yo man, it's time to go"
What really happened I guess I'll never know
But the store owner was shot in the head
Chico was shot, but he wasn't dead
As I rushed to the store I was crying
Cause Buckie was shot and he was dying
At his funeral I read a poem
letting him know , he's never alone
So, I gave up the gangster style life
It wasn't worth the pain, sorrow or strife
So, To all those who think Gangs are hip
Take it from me, It ain't worth the trip !!

Written by Ebony Queen Freeman


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