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Loving me...Finally

When My Mother Died I was "8:' years old
That's when I learned this world was cold
We all were placed in foster homes
Hardly ever seeing one another, only talking on the phone
My sister tried to commit suicide by jumping out a window
When she needed them the most "where did all her friends go?"
I hated myself and I wanted to die
They sent me to a shrink who only asked me "Why?"
I told him that "My life wasn't worth living
Being stuck in this world of constant giving"
He claimed he was concerned about how I felt
Something about a raw deal that I'd been dealt
When I reached "17" I tried to escape
But, freedom was expensive cause I was raped
The rapist said "My life was a lie
And nobody cared about the tears I cried"
I went to the streets looking for love
I found comfort in "Crack" the drug
Sex became a game to me, using it to get what I needed
A lot of woman hated me, thus calling me"conceited"
A lot of times the Devil would insist
"Just end it all and slit your wrists"
Until I learned I had a real Soul Saviour
God was always there for me and he never asked for favors
This is the lesson I had to learn in order to be free
I could never love anyone else, If I didn't start with...ME !!

Written by Ebony Queen Freeman


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