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Gettin Buck Wild

My man and I had a terrible fight
And I knew I was going out that Night
I drank "5" bottles of Colt 45
I knew some man was going to be my prize
I entered the Bar with style and grace
trying to find a handsome face
I spotted this guy sitting in the corner
Fine ass brother , I jumped right on him
He asked me my name, I replied " Desire"
Yeah, My love box was hotter than fire
he asked me to dance and I replied "yes"
After awhile his hand has under my dress
I knew people were stopping and staring
But right at that minute, I really wasn't caring
I grinded his fingers, hard and long
They were playing "Sex Me" My favorite song
He sucked my neck till it was black and blue
Then he smiled and said "Here's part Two"
He jumped on me and gave me a thrill
He felt so good, I couldn't keep still
People were staring saying "She has no style"
I said "What the hell, I'm Getting Buck Wild"

Written by Ebony Queen Freeman


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