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She Stole My Innocence

Sitting on the steps in the apartment building above my head is the balcony
Friends are laughing loud joking she found me
Scrap knees, a few cuts, and bruises from playing too hard

She was a shark who smelled my blood in the ocean
She silently followed her prey
I was so na´ve. I never thought a grown woman looked my way.

She followed my every move from watching me day after day
Trying to catch me in the web like a spider hungry for food
When my friends left, she called me with a soft voice

My name is lady what about yours
Telling her my name was part of the whole scheme
Luring me into her bed was her ultimate dream

Days later, she called me from the rooftop once again
Can you help me move a piece of furniture I asked when?
Entering her apartment, the football end zone

I was never informed about the strange husband to return home
Now I am in this bed with a stranger and don't know her real name
I was a young sinner boy who was not familiar with this game

After the time of reckless pleasure, I soon began to leave
The picture on the coffee table made me fall to my knees
Who are all these people in the photo?
My husband and kids, she replied

You lured me into your apartment with a bunch of lies
I was lonely she said the stranger is always away
I said games like this I don't Play

One day traveling on the train, I fell into a trance
The stranger of the wife spoke loud and enhanced
Lord, I did not know this woman trapped me in a web of lies
My heart raced when he saw me. I thought I would die.

I will never again fall into this sexual abyss
Stealing innocence is the poison most people miss

Written by Jonathan Grayson


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