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You Hate Me for no Apparent Reason

What is the first thing that came to your mind when you looked at me?
A criminal that should be; arrested
Maybe a black man, who should be walking free

Do my hoodie or skin color offend you?
I am not my clothes, and the color of my skin should not pose a threat
The problem is your upbringing of my Ancestors are hard to forget

While walking in your store, you asked may I help you.
Do I look helpless?
Maybe you see I am too incompetent to buy a bag of flour.

Why am I under the correctional officer in every aisle?
Secretly targeted from the cameras that racially profile

Why are you afraid to get to know the man behind the clothes?
It is not hard to see why my heart has been locked and disclosed.

When I purchased your product you refused to touch my hand
Am I plagued with a disease scientists do not understand

I have discerned your poverty and judgment of black life
You were surprised when you saw me interact with your cousin's wife

Behind my hoodie is a Pastor that brought your family together
Your blindness by the hoodie made you refuse to see it is a black sweater

Written by Jonathan Grayson


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