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I thought you were a friend

It is amazing how you turned your back on me when I was helpless and in despair
I knew you were no good the day I first met you
I overlooked your shoes running to the side, wrinkled clothes, and constant lies.
Blinded by your charming smile and lighted colored eyes

What a chic magnet for attention
I thought I could change the glittery light on a dirty diamond
To my surprise, I bargained for a scraped refrigerator
Your heart was so cold to my feelings, and our conversation left me frozen in time

I thought you were a friend, but I picked up a stranger on the side of the road
I am disturbed because your words were smooth as oil
But your motives were to take what is holding me together
Who would have known I slept with the enemy

My marriage was a sham from the day you gave your vows
You stole the sacred parts of me and shared yourself with a hitchhiker
Riding in the car, I bought sharing secrets that were classified
I'm done; with this relationship. But the damage has imprisoned my mind forever

Somehow I will get over you, and this conversation will be a distant memory
How can you do this to me? I thought you were a friend

Written by Jonathan Grayson


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