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Black Panther

Have you ever looked into the night sky
And stopped to make a wish on a shooting star?
One of Life's Magical Entities~
That's truly what YOU are.
The Black Panther~
What an amazing creature is he
When I look into your eyes
It is the Panther's Soul that I see~

You are so unique
A true Phenomenon inyour own right~
You have surpassed every obstacle
To Create what has now become Your Life
Everytime I think of You
I become even more mesmerized
My True Nubian King
Oh, how you hypnotize~

You have indeed become
My Mystical Knight
My Panther of all time
For you create fantasies
By reaching deep into
My Heart and Mind
So I give my Soul to You
And prepare for our Journey

Yet To Be
For when Our Passions Unite
It can only Bring Ecstasy
My Love

Written by Greeneyes


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