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My Eternal Love

He is
the King of my paradise
the man in which
I yearn to share
everlasting love

a man of such enlightenment
in which enormous treasures hold

the man of my future
a man who knows my past

a man of great stature
whose love cannot be surpassed

he is the Keeper of my Kingdom
my poetic intercourse at the stroke of midnight
my Nubian King for Eternity

he holds the key to my heart
and my destiny within his hands

he loves me to the ends of the Universe and back
he is my forever soulmate

he loves me not for who I was
or who I may be when I am in his company
he loves me for the woman within
he loves my soul

for I am his Destiny
his free spirit
I am the yin to his yang
which he has been searching his whole life for

there may have been others before me
but I am the only one who matters
his Queen

for I will be his last
his one, his only, forever soul mate
for I hold the key to his heart

and I know these words are true because
he reminds me daily
with his warm smile,loving heart
and beautiful words

I know because everything he says and does
shows me that his love is real
and that is why I love him more with
each and every passing day

For He Is My Eternal Love

Pour vous mon amour
a atteint à l'intérieur
et a touché mon âme
avec votre bienveillance et amour
vous m'avez montré
le quel vrai homme vraiment est
Dans le retour, Mon Roi
Je vous donne mon coeur

English Translation:

For you my love
have reached inside
and touched my soul
with your kindness and love
you have shown me
what a true man really is
In return, My King
I give my heart to you

Written by Greeneyes


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