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Blues for Nhlanhla

( I wrote this poem for the memory of Nhlanhla Xaba a fine artist and co-founder of
the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg-who died last March in the fire that devastated the Studio-

I've lit a candle for you today
no matter how brief our encounter
two grains of sand drifted together
one blessed moment within the
indefinite desert of a lifetime
not many words spoken between us
only smiles and a quick pat on the shoulder
but I saw the generosity and the passion
I caught the torment of the inner fire
passing on the inspiration
to so many young people

I've lit a candle for you today
for the resurrection of the hope
for the purification of the
pain in our souls
I've lit a candle for you today
for your memory
the seed that will bloom
into a bright new beginning

Written by Frieda Groffy


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