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Spiritual Love

You embrace me with your eyes whenever I am near or next to you,
The flutterness of our hearts is the way of how it do.

I hardly can breathe by being so close,
Not being where you at, is what I miss so most.

You've changed my life from the root to the tee,
The glow in my face shines on you, you see.

Love is beyond on the feelings I express,
Describing my love is forever until death.

God is my guide and along you came next,
Spiritual force is what we've shared when we first met.

How deep my love goes there is no end,
It can go on forever and feel like its began.

You've touched me so much throughout my soul,
Nothing else matters because only God knows.

I am your soulmate, your lover, and your friend,
I'll always walk beside you, forever until the end

Written by PostwayGurl


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