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Ring - I - Do

When I was young and in my teens,
I met this dude from New Orleans.

He was young and pretty too,
And had this thing called ring-i-do.

Took him home and put him in bed,
Put a pillow up under his head.

Gave him wine and whiskey too,
And I got a shot of that ring-i-do.

About 3weeks later I come up sick,
Aching at the heart and running at the dick.

Went to the doctor I said, man I'm sick,
He said, lay down Mister let me look at your dick.

Sat me down on a 3 legged stool,
Got to laughin and a grinnin like a got damn fool.

I said, wait a minute doctor is that all you gonna do,
He said, unh--un Mister, I got to cut it off too.

Written by PostwayGurl


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