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A Piece Of Me

A professional in aspects unexplained master,
Qualifying limits, should I've known you was a bastard.

Mastering your mind, self braggin' all your skillz,
Hell muthafucka can you pay a sista bills.

Talkin' all that slack, should've known you was a wack,
Fuckin' up my mind got me laying on my back.

A bitch has to walk, fully loaded what's up nigga,
No more smackin, tappin coochie negotiatin' this bomb ass figure.

Step aside don't clown my ass, cause you know that its only just pussy,
Pow Pow to your piece, you ain't a man, just a punk muthafuckin' ass wussie.

My shit da bomb, got you acting wrong when your nose was wide up in it,
Self relate, don't playa hate, sit yourself right down, stop trippin'.

Written by PostwayGurl


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