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Life is but a fleeting moment,
Its like a feather in the wind,
One reaches for it with empty hands.

Grasp and obtain if you can.
Its not if you do, its that you do.
You come into my life during that moment,
You are the feather in my wind,
I'm reaching for you with open hands.

We grasp and obtain all we can.
It's what life is intended for,
Treasure each moment as if its the last.

What we have is treasurable and sincere,
When we grab, we grab as one.
There is no you, there is no me,
There's only us forever more.
You've touched my heart, as a breath of fresh air.

Without your love I can't sustain,
Treasure these days and remember our nites.
Life is short, but together we go far.

I need you honey as a seed needs rain,
We'll grow together and define each other.
Its not our will but we must obey,
I love God and he makes no mistakes
He intended us.

I love you much.
You are You, I am Me,
Put us together and we are one.

Written by PostwayGurl


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