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Bein Black Ain't No Sin

( Dedicated to All beautiful black people who feel there is something wrong with being black.
It's not, you're beautiful because you were created by Jesus. )

Why does you stare at me so
is it cause I think
and you always know
Is it cause my hair all nappy
not all straight
It's probably cause I ain't never
traveled from state to state
Born in Mississippi
and gone die there too
I lift myself up
I don't brang down you
You thank you better than me cause
you got all that wealth
Well I'm just as rich
cause I got all my health
Am I beneath you cause I walk
where I go
You be walking too if you
weren't putin on that fancy show
Do I suppose to walk in shame
while you stand tall
But guess what you a fool
I surround my grief by walls
God made me
just like he made you too
he gave me a little less
cream than what he gave you
He wrapped by body in chocolate
just how the men prefer
he touched by soul
and started to stir
He did it all like
he wanted it to be
So ain't no shame
cause God made me
Yeap I'm black
and this probably how I'll stay
Just hope to get better
as to thank him I pray
Baby wit all this judging
I don't need no friends
I've got faith and from me to you

Written by Ceirra Harris


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