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Will You Marry Me?

( Dedicated to The love of my life.
No we're not ready yet, but when we are we will both know.
Love You )

Will you marry me
I think it's about that time
That you alone
become all of mine
Put that ring on my left hand
let me be your lady
and you my man
Let's say I do
as one, together
Lets live that special
honey moon life forever
Lets put God in our lives
and lets move on
Lets, let trust in our hearts
and not be alone
Will you marry me
cause boy I can't wait
for that special day of love and fait
Marry me now or
marry me never
cause when I release my love
It's going to be forever
Will you marry me
I'm asking you
Lets through eternity
be Ceirra and Pooh

Written by Ceirra Harris


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