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I thought u should know

( Dedicated to: All ladies whom have gone through stupid phone conversations about men.
It's not worth it as long as you are a strong lady. Remember respect comes to those who
deserve it, not to those who wish for it. )

He was mine yesterday
and will be today.
So, to those flaunting females
please just go on your way.
You may call to get in
just a couple of words.
But that night before he
went to bed I was all that he heard.
He dreams of me and thinks of my
presence so clear.
When it's cold at night I'm the
one he holds close and near.
You can wear all those tight
clothes just letting it hang out.
Because I'm the one, when it comes
to sexual preferences he has no doubt.
When we're into you seem to float around.
But when we make up as we will
your happiness starts to drown.
He loves me, but over there it's got to be lust.
Cause the way he touches and whispers to me
I know please trust.
He was my man last night
and will be tonight's to come.
He's my future husband and
soul mate of natural fun.
He's mine sorry that's just how it will go.
I didn't mean to get over protected
just thought these broads should know.

Written by Ceirra Harris


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