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Oklahoma is the place of the worst bombing on US soil
But make no mistake, I'm not referring to the federal building bombing at all

I'm talking about a bombing that took place many years ago
And of this bombing, people in high places really don't want you or I to know

A white woman falsely accused an innocent black man of rape
This lead to a holocaust which few affluent black Americans would escape

It happened in Oklahoma on June 1, 1921
And from this one simple little incident all hell and chaos had begun

That's when the largest massacre of black businessmen took place
Lead by envious Ku Klux Klansmen wearing white sheets to cover up their face

Like savages they roamed the streets killing black folks with no regard
Then bombed and burned every building to the ground and even called in the National Guard

3,000 blacks were killed and buried in mass graves around the city
This blatant disregard for human life is deplorable and such a pity

In Black Wall Street, Little Africa, successful businesses thrived
But after twelve hours of carnage, not one black business had survived

Churches, restaurants, law offices, a bank, the list goes on and on
Not a single building was left standing when the sun rose in the morn

Though damages were total, and the casualties were many
Black victims received no restitution to rebuild, not one insurance penny

Based on "Black Wall Street: An American Holocaust" by Jay Jay Wilson

Written by Linda Hayes


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