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Man proposes, God disposes…

According to you and I, brothers and sisters,
God has unconventional ways
Of doing his things; sometimes, we make plans,
Miraculously, we find ourselves off the course
And we cannot come up with a logical explanation: why,
Because the Almighty works in mysterious ways.
We think that we know, we think that we run the show,
However, based on past events, we do not.
God has ways of testing us, God has a style
In a billion years, we will never fully comprehend.
God has a way of picking up the winners,
He has a divine way of testing our skills and comprehension.
Very often, we think we are in control,
In the final analysis, we are not.
Whatever circumstances we find ourselves
Today take place because the Almighty
Allows them to happen. The polls mean nothing,
Sometimes the predicted winners are defeated
And the underdogs prevail against all odds.
The billionaire can buy and delay anything under the sun
Except one thing: his return to Mother Earth.
Whatever situations that we are experiencing right now
Happen, because the God of David wants them to take place.
We, humans, in our ignorance, think that we are on top of the world,
We are running the show and making things happen,
However, good wisdom and unrecorded history will show
Otherwise. We think that we know, but we do not really know.
We just unknowingly function in a very limited way
And react to our empirical understanding of the past.
Brothers and sisters, God knows whom the next
President of the United States of America
Will be next November and in the next
Million years. Only He knows, if one day
Two antennas will grow from both sides
Of our head instead of two ears.
Very often when we are reminded of the glory of God,
Customarily, we search and come up with excuses and exegeses.
We give bad names to the messenger,
Because we are not interested in the truth,
We just want to hear what we want to hear
And whatever pleases our friends and our fellow citizens.
We forget that God only recognizes one country,
Created one race, one universe and we are all his children.
Only God can really predict, I woke up this morning
Not knowing what I was going write.
Nevertheless, I am reasoning, thinking and writing
About his daily wonders, about his perpetual and powerful might.
We, humans, never learn, we always falter
Without seeing what is coming and what is going.
We plan, we predict and we organize; we still mess up.
We fight unnecessary wars; we kill our brothers and sisters
Mercilessly. We ignore that it only takes one small fever,
One small headache or one small fall to become history.
God always has other plans and always do things inhumanly,
Divinely, He is the true Controller, the undisputable Master.

Written by Hebert Logerie


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