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Obama, you have a big family

More than 18 million proud Americans
Voted for you.
Billions of your fellow men and women
Listened to your acceptance speech
And watched you
Obama, you have a big family.
You are writing and re-writing history.
Hillary and Bill Clinton unleashed
A barrage of truths about our current plight.
Biden, Dean, Kerry and others let the dog out
And all eligible voters shout:
"Obama, you have a big family".
Senator McCain is a good man;
Being a good soldier and decent;
He should remain in the Senate's den
To help you govern and command
This great country. He is a good combatant;
He is going to understand.
Obama, you have a big family.
The whole American family is behind you,
Some members just love secrecy.
You know how it is; nevertheless many love you.
Obama, you have a big family.
"The dream shall never die", said once, Ted .Kennedy.
Bama, the entire world is your family.
King's dream is alive, that's the American dream.
We are strong and united. You are like a beam
Of hope for a better tomorrow.
With your vigor and energy, there is no sorrow.
Obama, you have a big family
Millions are waiting to vote again,
Millions are dreaming
Of you winning, winning
Obama, you have a big family
You are already an indisputable winner,
You are already a great leader.
No matter what November will bring,
You will remain a sibling.
May God bless America,
May God bless you and the whole family.
You are not the panacea,
You are the head of the family.
Obama, you have a big family.

Written by Hebert Logerie


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