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Who's white? Who's black?

Charcoal is black
And papers are white,
Peel your skin, smack
The heck out of your stomach.
Pinch your skin and bite
Your forearm. Put yourself under the sunlight
And tell the world, what do you see?
The sand is not white,
But beige, but gray;
Not everyday is Saturday.
The chalk
Is not white,
That's exact.
Your brain so the waves of the sea
Can pasteurize
And sanitize
The tiny piece that you have left.
Don't act stupid and deaf
When laser-guided curved balls
Are being thrown at your gulls.
Know when to have good sense
And how to react in front of pure intelligence.
Dissect yourself and let me know what do you see?
What is the color of that liquid?
Be truthful and exemplary.
Know when to be wise and lucid.
The same blood
Flows through our veins,
The same way when there is a flood,
The same fluid flows down the ravines.
That same water is drunk by the whole human race
Just like the same smile wrinkles the clown's face.
You don't know who you are,
Oh! How sad that you cannot go too far.

Written by Hebert Logerie


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