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Modern racism

They spit mentally on your face every time
You're interviewed
And an unqualified twin candidate got the job.

They humiliate you every time
You are viewed
And seen as an unbleached crippled crab.

The contents in the heart
Are sealed and invisible,
That is the worst part.
They are just incredible
And invisibly racist;
This is worst than being sexist
Because the femme fatale still controls
The payments of the tolls.

They mentally spit on your heart
All the time
And that hurts the most sensible part.
They dropped a dime
And expected you to steal it.
Racism will not disappear overnight,
Discrimination is a filthy habit.
The perpetrator must fight
The inner ancestral curse
In order to be healed from this cancerous disease.
The possessed devils need to rehearse
So the Bishop can chase away the deadly fleas.

They spit on your face every time
You're seen in the street
And they treat you like bums.

They humiliate you all the time
They forget that only God is the elite
And they must stop behaving like dirty crumbs.

Written by Hebert Logerie


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