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Discrete Love

You stare at me and I stare back.
We have our own language, our own patois,
Our own way of talking about the clouds,
Which cross the firmament inadvertently.

You look at me and I look back.
We comprehend and understand each other
Like two drops of water, like two sheep
Standing far away from the sharks' deadly jaws.

Our union should not be divulged.
One would say: discrete feelings are powerful.
It's the heart hidden deep inside the body,
Where inner feelings are often crystallized.

I am eager to publish the inspired verses,
However, you want to hide my passion,
You want to imprison the insane emotions,
Which keep me alive, my princess.

Okay, our love must remain discrete,
Fearing of causing too much hoopla,
Where canons, firecrackers and bullets
Silently suffocate the bloody air.

You look at me and I look at you,
We love each other like two drops of water,
For us, secrecy and love go hand in hand.

I look at you and you look at me,
We comprehend and understand each other,
Like two sparks of fire, like two sheep.

You stare at me and I stare back,
We smile and throw kisses at each other,
You love me and I love you back.

Written by Hebert Logerie


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