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Can I Buy a vowel?

I been searching so long for a poem that understands me
a poem that heals me, and feels me
fills me with something that is lacking within
I need a poem that expresses how I been contemplating where I should move my pieces
why can't I read a poem that breathes the same rhythm as me
cuz I aint took a deep breath in so long
I got something stuck in my soul
and it is not allowing me to breathe or see or write or read or recite quite right
and I need a poem a poem that makes my stride lite
cuz I been walking for a while and it aint a damn bench no where I go
so I just walk and walk and I forgot how to stroll
with that confidence that I used to posses when I was young and full of the
Unknowing I didn't know struggle I didn't know pain
I need a poem that knows my pain
cuz I don' felt it now I need a poem that cries my tears cuz it aint none left for me to cry,
my mamma tired , my daddy well aint seen him in a while, my brothers in a cage
and my family aint spoke in ages,
and I need a poem a word a phrase that takes me into consideration
I need a poem that knows my faith, how strong it is
even though I don't go to church every Sunday or bible study on Tuesday,
I close my eyes and can get closer to my God than any corrupted church can get me
I need a poem that knows how hard I love I love a man and he gets all of me every
molecule I offer to him I don't expect the same from him though
not many people can love with there entire self (too selfish for that )
and I need a poem that know…. THAT. about me a poem that can recite me a poem that
writes me !
I need a poem cuz nobody can touch me the way the words do
who can write a poem that has studied and learned me truly
the me that hides behind, these child bearing hips and full lips
I want a poem that tells me I am more than beautiful, more than sexy more than what a
man could ever see in me
And I need it now cuz
My pen is running out of ink!

Written by Inesheia Holiday


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