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Curse of a Black Woman

I wish he knew what his infidelity did to me, if he could see my soul
When I know what he did the night before
I can almost taste her when he walks through the door.
What does she have that I am lacking, he doesn't look at me the same,
I am inclined to wonder if it is me that forces him to cheat,
I keep my hair done, feet, nails, clothes nice,
He never wants for anything while he is with me
i maintain the house, clothes are clean, ironed.
He gets breakfast, dinner, he never wants dessert anymore,
i cater to his every need and still this man has the desire
for another woman's touch. Why can't I be enough?
he tells me he loves me and that I am insecure
but I wasn't before I was with him
so he has made me this way
but even worst I have allowed him too
curse of the black woman
I just need his warmth
I loved him from day one
I love him hard too
There isn't anything that I wouldn't do
If I could just get him to see me the way he used to
The gleam is gone from his eye
The love he had for me is slowly dying
Oh how I want to revive it
But how? I haven't left anything in me
I gave every particle to him
He still possesses the best of me
Just some of the thoughts
A woman thinks
When a man cheats

Written by Inesheia Holiday


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