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Grocery store

I've handed over to you every inch of my being and
You've greedily snatched it without realizing I deserve something in return
I don't ask for much just you but
You mistake my kindness for weakness
Yes I am eager to please but my eagerness is not to be misused,
I care for you it's not that I can't live without you for my body would still exist
But I don't want to, when we met we was feelin' one another fa sho'
But my feelings grew like roots in need of a perm yours were stagnant when will I learn
to ignore my heart and abide by my minds rules cuz…
You act as if I am disposable or you could find me at the neighborhood grocery sto' once
I'm gone I'm closing that door and you can't have me no more
So think three times before you let me go
Cuz I doubt you'll find another me
On sale in aisle four!

Written by Inesheia Holiday


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