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I want to get to know you the real you the naked deep uncensored spirit of you
Because I've become entwined in your smile and captured in the very essence of your
Soul your chocolate flesh is sweeter than molasses or honey from the bee you have stung
me with your eyes and healed my body with your lips
I'm so turned on by simply your intelligence I can't even come to grips with
My thoughts you run through my veins my heart beats to your rhythm my nerves
Receive messages from your brain I live you
When I sleep at night I dream you
Even your imperfections are perfect
You intruded into my life and made whole
Similar to a thief in the night you have stolen my soul,
but I can't let you know
Because you've been bludgeoned by love and stained with pain
your heart was played with like a video game
my love can heal your hurt and turn your blood back to red
But I refuse to beg because my feelings are on the table
You can clearly see my hand I have no tricks up my sleeve
I want us to become one please
Take my heart and run… For I will follow
I will watch and protect your preciousness
give m your key let me release your grief
And replace it
With something deep total and enduring
I'm here… but I can't wait for your heart
To see what your mind refuses too
I love us but
I love me too so
My turns over
The next moves on

Written by Inesheia Holiday


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