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I Held You in my Arms

I held you in my arms
And wiped your tears away
Like a river they kept flowing
I'll never forget that Christmas Day

I held you in my arms
When you're breathing slowed I squeezed you tight
You lapsed into an a coma
And I stayed by yo side all night

I held you in my arms
and wished I was just livin a nightmare
yo life was washing away like beach sand
And all I could do was sit there

I head you in my arms
You're heatbeat slowed then eventually came to a stop
I couldn't believe what was happening
But my heart knew as tears from my face began to drop

I held you in my arms
began to panic, didn't believe it was true
me and god began playing tug-a-war
but in the end I had to let go of you

I held you in my arms
your eyes and mouth opened as if ya had something to say
But ya never replied and then I slowly shut your eyelids......
I held ya in my arms when ya passed away
Ma I Miss you....

Written by Crystal Holmes


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