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Without you I'm like...

Without you I'm like...
Peanut butter without jelly
A sandwich without bread
Ashanti without Nelly
A box spring but no bed

A hamburger with no bun
A tan with no sun
A theme park that's no fun
A game that's never won

Without you I'm like...
A shoe without laces
Crooked teeth without braces
Playing spades without aces
Old women without maces

A car with no gas
A golf course with no grass
A window with no glass
A stripper with no ass

Without you I'm like

A puppy with no legs
A homeless person who never begs
A party with no kegs
An omelet without eggs

A car with no tires
A lose bolt with no pliers
A computer with no wires
A BBQ grill with no fire

Without you I'm..... Meaningless

Written by Crystal Holmes


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