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Life in the Poor Lane

Life isn't easy
When you're very poor
In a prejudiced society
There's no respect to look for

With a child out of wedlock
Whose father is unknown or in jail
There will be many silent tears
From not knowing how to prevail

No high school diploma
Equals a minimum wage career
This is living life in the poor lane
Minimum hopes but yet endless fears

Young impregnated teens
Monthly visits to the social worker to receive aid
Nine months to be looked down upon in society
Too often be reminded of the mistakes made

Life in the poor lane
But yet we ridicule those who sell their bodies to buy a meal
Can you pull up your shirt and visually count your ribs
No, so I doubt you know how they feel

No home to shelter them
From natures frequent storm
Building a fire in a trashcan
Under a bridge is the only way to stay warm

Suicide levels are high
And are blamed on drug use or calling them insane
But it not, it rids them of hardships
Of living Life in the Poor Lane

Written by Crystal Holmes


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