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Intension without comprehension

I had to reevaluate myself,
not every woman deserve to have my wealth,
I have grown up under the belt of ignorance that
forever endangered my health
I thought it was ok to have sex freely, But not many
deserve me,
I had to revaluate that quickly.
In Gods eyes, I seemed to be demonized,
telling myself lies
that it was acceptable
when all along it should be regrettable
my intension was without comprehension
I had an educated lesson, for I received the blessing,
In order to achieve,
I must not let myself get deceived
if one love got to leave, open the door and escort her
My sprit should speak louder then my physical
my immortal should not be viewed in today’s portal
but look far beyond the lovely creature singing the
for one night will be gone then tomorrow possibly the
So much energy in faithless love I became tired,
almost forgetting who I was
My skin began to rub off, what was hard in me began to
become soft
Spiritually I became lost, what a I high price,
because my soul could have been the cost
All because my intension without comprehension

Written by Dwayne A. Hunt


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