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Lines to a Friend

I cannot offer the wind from the sea
    Or the salty tang of the breeze,
But only the lisping wind that comes at dawn
    And calls from the trees.

I do not barter palm trees in a western gale,
    Graceful white trunks bending to leeward,
Or frosty waves against blackened rocks,
    Or sea gulls flying seaward.

I give only the white birch tree
    With her lofty head in the sky,
Wild geese flying northward,
    And the South wind's sigh.

I do not bring the tropical moon,
    Or the nightingale's song when dusk is falling
But only a western moon over a rolling plain
    And the coyote's calling.

Nor can I offer the gardenia's chalky whiteness
    Against a clinging night,
But only the fragrance of roses across a dew-drenched lawn
    And a lost love's plight.

Written by Ida Rowland (1904-?)


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