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You Anyway

While I love you
I just want to look at you and adore you
When I kiss you
I want to absorb you
The times I am with you
I intend to show you
Just how much I appreciate you
If I text you, it will be to reach out to you
When I want to converse, I call you
If you don't hear from me it's because I'm I'm doing what
it takes to make it with you
When we're together I get reminded of what we have become
And when we're apart, I am reminded of what's missing,
though you stay right here in my heart
And when I say that you're delectable
It's because you're so damn good to me
You're my treasure, so I treat you as such

If I were to count the ways that you touch me
I'd be sure to use all my senses
I will think of you, I will look at you, I will taste you,
I will touch you, I will smell of your lingering scent, and
I will listen to you
I want you anyway

Truth is I want you anyway
Because I love you, I adore you, I want to kiss you,
I want to absorb you
The times that I am with you, I intend to show you just
how much I appreciate you I count the ways that I love you everyday
I just want you anyway

Written by immeasurable


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