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My Blessed Sacrifice

On narrow path I cull to berm
Clear tread coursed by the Lord
Softly in prayer, addressing Him
With faith, He is implored
I am a bowed-down sinner here
My sojourn is at bay
When Satan bags me with rushed fear
Please blot it full away
With total heart I come to You
My countenance is frail
For certain You behest construe
The ship I've yet to sail
So, hold out hand of wonderment
Accord me the strait way
Per angels that are Heaven sent
With mercy on display
And let the stars cant low on me
To grant me guiding light
I seize You as my victory
When life becomes contrite
Oh, Lord of Hosts in guise of all
Past misdeeds that were made
I humble self, upon you call
For all my debts are paid
This holy prayer that I compose
Is from my very core
For truly You are one that knows
I'll enter Golden door
When my life touches winter's gale
I'll rest in your sweet fold
And with Your perfect balanced scale
Benighted soul grows old
I thank You now for loving me
I channel You inside
I know that I am not worthy
But here You still abide
I've reached my prime because of grace
In You I am set free
You've shined Your God-light on my face
My praises ever be

*Poetry Form - Ballad

Written by Renee Matthews-Jackson


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