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Earthquakes in diverse places
Ghoulish looks on crackhead faces

Flooded homes floating nowhere
Dope boy slangin' without a care

Hurricane's whistle mass destruction
Kids ignore adult instruction

Time marching on waiting for none
Little innocent ones having fun

365 days ain't very much
Woman so sensitive to man's touch

Swifter than the speed of sound
Volcanic lava knocking trees down

Year after year coming on fast
The last will be first and the first last

Folks passing over day by day
Work so hard for such little pay

Sexually active, out of control
So many children not in the fold

Preachers are preaching in their own word
Teachers are teaching lessons absurd

Shuttle's lift off into space
Pock like holes in a junkie's face

Over the counter fast, quick fix
Ecstasy is a man made mix

Heroin back out on the street
Man and computer science compete

No choice but to end this rhyme
Afraid we've run right out of time...

*Poetic Form - Rhyming Couplets

Written by Renee Matthews-Jackson


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