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A cry for help

I don't know where to start
Mixed emotions running rampant
I am writing a cry for help
With no address so I cant even stamp it

Lives have been taken
Since I was young and weary
So another trip to the cemetery
I wasn't at all leery

At first my aunt was taken
By cancer if I'm not mistaken
Said she smoked to much
So cigarettes I never touched

Then it seemed cancer was taking everyone
Took great-grandma Dora and great-grandma Louise
Then it took my uncle Reeny
Which threw me down to my knees

I got a lil older
And the deaths slowed down
Until Mrs. Joyce died
And gave momma frown

Got to high school
And everything was cool
At least that is what I thought
Grandma Bogle died and suicide were now my thoughts

But no I must go on and be the best
Uncle Reeny told me to separate myself from the rest
Momma kept telling me hold my head up high
Cause I was to blessed to be stressed

And for a while it was working
My heart was no longer hurting

Then Devon was killed
Over some damn girl
Boy did that really rock my world

Then Steve was killed in a car wreck
Left behind two kids why would God let
No let me stop
I almost forgot it was meant to happen
Some good will come out of this
So it's no need to be snapping

Then came the worst new yet it was another car accident
That killed Coy Mac
What was going on
I could have sworn I had a heart attack

Why, why Coy
Why not someone who aint care
Like some junky
Damn this life aint fair

Now the snatched JR and Mike
And for what and why
Just to see a large group
Of people cry

So what do I do now
Be friends with nobody so it doesn't hurt when they die
Shit I might be next
So why set goals why even try

I should just sit on my ass
And watch the grass grow
So when its my time
I'll just up and go

No friends to hurt
When I am gone
No children to be fatherless
Cause they weren't even born

I'll just stay isolated
All to myself
And let out a silent cry
A cry for help

Written by Jamal Bogle


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