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Wake up

Visions of chasing a hopeless aspiration
Because of the American dream exaggeration
Based upon materialistic infatuation
Self-conscious classification
Abomination and incarceration
Leaves us trapped like a dove caged in
Time to wake up and see what this nation is facing
Greed is a drug and we are all basing
But we can't see
Because we are too busy racing
A hopeless aspiration
Flashy cars with rims that keep spinning
Men marrying men women marrying women
Envy hate and cussing
Money drugs and lusting white collars hustling
Headed straight for self-destruction
But we can't see
Because we are too busy racing
A hopeless aspiration
Fighting a war for self-purpose
Family members crying feeling so worthless
Kid with a gun feeling like he has no purpose
Time to scratch beneath the surface
Wake up
And start repenting
Give God your full attention
Men father your children
And women stop the abortion
Husbands and wives stay together
And please stop divorcing
Notice the paths that you are choosing
Because it will be your children that are losing
When the father is not around
And the mother is never home
That's when kids begin to call the streets their home
Because that attention becomes embracing
Now they are stuck into chasing a hopeless aspiration
My brother
My sister
Its not too late to come together
Because honoring God no matter the weather
And believing in Christ Jesus
Equals forever
So wake up
And stop chasing
A hopeless aspiration

Written by Jamal Bogle


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