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My Perfect Woman

My perfect woman
Is gots to be a strong woman

Knows when she is wrong
Know when she is right
Is a woman in the day
And a freak in the night

But don't get it twisted
It isn't all about sex
Naw not at all
My perfect woman is more complex

My woman will
Stand strong and firm
Is constantly humble
And willing to learn

Don't think she's soft
She knows she is boss

She knows when to argue
And knows when to caress
Never raising her voice
Just gets her point across with finesse

My perfect woman is sophisticated and smart
And that is why she always have me heart

My perfect woman
Knows me inside and out
Knows what do to when I'm happy
And what to do when I pout

My perfect woman
Can always make me smile
And for my perfect woman
I will go that extra mile

You see my perfect woman
Doesn't have to be a ten rated by another
Because to me
She is like no other

My perfect woman
Is my better half
She makes me forget about
All the woman of my past

When I am without my perfect woman
I feel so alone
A king with no queen
To share his throne

My perfect woman
Knows when to party and when to stay
But she knows I am faithful
Whenever she is away

Why would I ever need to creep
When my perfect woman has me swept off my feet

My perfect woman
Has me on cloud nine
It can be the end of June
And she is still my valentine

I would sent my perfect woman
Flowers just because
Just because with her
I love being in love

Written by Jamal Bogle


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