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The Game

I search for my partner
Who has the desire to win
When I believe I have found her
Now the game begins

Hearts racing minds wondering
Many emotions felt
But a quick drain of the high
When the cards are dealt

The game is getting deeper
Serious thoughts of win or lose
Continuing to keep playing
Is the choice I choose

What started out as passion
Has now fallen to regret
Coming to the conclusion
That she wasn't read yet

So she makes her move
And chooses a different card
Without notifying me
Her partner who has worked so hard

The time has come
Where we throw the cards down
Realizing another loss
My heart is absent of sound

This is not new
Since I have lost before
But something inside of me
Makes me play once more

So I choose a new partner
To play the same old game
To keep playing for one win
Love is to blame

Written by Jamal Bogle


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