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Feelin' U

I feel a feeling and I don't know what to do
Conversations on the phone got me so into you
See I was feeling you before but it was love from a distance
I knew if I pressed to hard I would kill you with my persistence
So every once in a while
I'd greet you with a nice smile
Filled with so many silent feelings
That's why when you call I be like
"nothing just chillin'"
Cause I know if you knew
How much I was into you
You probably think I was crazy or some kinda psycho
But as long as you were thinking about me that's aight though
Cause I be thinking bout you day and night, night and day
Thinking about us in every possible way
Yeah I know we just friends
And I don't want that to end
But just take a minute and pretend
Us holding hands walking in the park
Writing silly love letters with all them hearts
After your long hard days I be rubbing your feet
When you hungry I'm cooking up a meal to eat
And I aint talking bout something microwavable
I'm talking bout something from scratch
Candle light dinner
I know you can picture that
Taking my time
Loving you with all my mind
Passionate kisses filled with so much of my heart
As our souls connect making picture perfect art
Making love all throughout the night
Afterwards I'm holding you tight
Listening as we share our every emotion
I got this feeling and I'm hoping
I'm hoping that you feel the same
Cause your love is as soothing as summer rain
Whispering me to sleep and there when I rise
Giving me so much comfort with those pretty brown eyes
Baby you're a queen even without a king
That's why my love for you wouldn't just be a seasonal thing
Cause it could be June and you would still be my valentine
Saying I love you like it was the very first time
So are you feeling me feeling you?
Cause I'm Feelin' U and I don't know what else to do

Written by Jamal Bogle


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