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Now What?

Mind racing
Not pacing
Got me contemplating
About this situation

This is bad it can't be good
But if it's bad
It feels so damn good

This much be my honesty session
Cause like usher I'm confessin'
And second guessin'
This question
Where do I want to be?

See you came into my life
When I was asking for clarity
And I wonder if you're the vision
Or the test
I hope you're the vision
Cause once again this thing is beating inside my chest
Every time I see you
I feel like I'm going into cardiac arrest

Feel like Alicia cause I'm fallin'
Cause when you making love
I want it to be
My name you callin'

But only time will tell
So I'll just sit back
And be like Pharrell
And keep frontin'
Until this imagination of mine
Turns into something

But you know the number and the name
And I'll be waiting
To give you some of my summer rain

Written by Jamal Bogle


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