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She don't love me anymore

Why do I even try?
Keep setting myself up
When I know what's gonna happen
I try everything I can
But she don't love me anymore
And I would be tripping so hard
If it wasn't for the fact that
When we did have fun
It felt so good
Nothing compared to the way I feel
When she was around
She makes me a better person
I'm happy
My mind is clear
I'm confident
Damn I'm tripping
Just when I think I have her again
Just when her secular motions
Got my imagination flowing
Thinking bout she and I
Me and her
I blink
And it's as if it didn't occur
Why don't she love me anymore?
All I do is think about the very first day we met
People telling me I was too young to be into her
But they just didn't understand
They didn't know how she was the only one
That could make me smile
When the world made me cry
She was always there for me
But I guess karma caught up to me
Cause somewhere along the line
I misused her
I took her for granted
I lied to her face
Cursed her for coming into my life
Even cheated on her
I messed up
And I understand that what I did was wrong
But damn I want her back
I know it's not good
That it took her getting hurt
For me to realize just how much
I love her
But I know now
I know that without her
I can't function
Through the good
Through the bad
When we are happy
When we are sad
When she's angry and I'm mad
I need her by my side
Without her
I can't breathe
So I guess this is my final plea
To change the fact
That love
Don't love me

Written by Jamal Bogle


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