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Sounds of love

Hey ma can you braid my hair
You know lately your body's calling me
I think about kissing you all night all day
Outside in the rain
So don't walk away
Cause I cant let you go
I never felt this way
You got me feeling so weak
I'd have to be superhuman to resist this
I know you got a man but
What ya man got to do with me
Because I can love you better
Giving you some sexual healing
And doing all the things your man won't do
So what's up can we talk
Cause every time I close my eyes
I see you on top of me
Making good love
I know there's a right way and a wrong way to love somebody
So why don't you be my girl
Matter fact I can be your comforter
Something like secret lovers
Just keep it on the down low
But don't get it twisted
You will be my Cinderella
Always and forever
Cause aint no mountain high enough
To keep me away from you
I'm telling you for you I will
Does you man even know he is fortunate
To have a woman by the name of beauty
And those pretty brown eyes
You know I need you
I swear
Here and now
I will get on bended knee
Asking to be with you for eternity
So don't say no
Just say yes

Written by Jamal Bogle


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