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Eyes Wide Open

I'm dreaming with my eyes open
Almost can't believe wut my mind sees
Body with a bubbly feeling
Got my emotions set free
It's almost like we're one
Sharing mind and soul
All I want is to hold and feel her
That Is my ultimate goal
She's so beautiful
Like God spit her out himself
The personality she has and the love she holds
Is greater than any man's wealth
I wanna hold her hand as we stroll through the mall
I wanna be there waiting when she comes outa her
schools hall
I wanna wake up next to her snuggling in my arms
I wanna caress and hold her, her settin off my alarms
I wanna be her first and last, love making to the end
I wanna slowly put it on her
Her havin orgasms like its a fashion trend
I'm still dreaming with my eyes open
To scared to even blink
Sitting, scared if i move
My thoughts of her will shrink
Connected by our intuition and circumstances
Seperated by miles and circumstances
I want her to know that i have a firm stance
On the fact that I want her to romance.

Written by Jay Horne


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