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Hangin On

The inconsitensies of my life
And all the times I felt strife
All the times things went wrong
And all the problems last so long
I look to my savior far above
but in crunch time no one shows love
I'm alone
So I write my insecurities and my problems
tryin to press on
The papers my eyes, the ink my tears
They cry from deep within
The within no one hears
The words are my fears
The pens my protector
While the minds the corrector
And even though the list of my unjustices is long
and my straight record torn
Even though things aint going right
My future still remains bright
The lights still on
So i pick up the bull shit and go on
If I can't do nothing correctly
If I can't breathe correct, talk correct, learn
I can write, my words win my battles
And my rhymes are victorious in my inner wars.

Written by Jay Horne


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