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Playa Gurl

Some think only men are playa's,
Some think only that can be true,
"Nah dogg she aint neva gonna play you"
Gosh if they only knew
See the after shave i bought you at christmas was the replica of the one i bought him
2-for-1 from Wal-mart boy how can you be so dim!!,
I've fronted you both for a while now,
And neither of you regonise the way i talk so passionately about each and everyone of my guy's,
So i'm meeting you both at four now,
In a resturant just off 58th,
Neither of you expecting the other oh goody this should be great!!
Being a female i should have some feeling,
Being a female i should have a heart but boys you fell for my games and you took them right from the start.

Written by Jayde Josephine Caesar


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