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One night on a joyous occasion while in the mist of a celebration.
I gazed upon Mahogany.
Her dark chocolate brown skin and pearl white teeth,
radiated her beauty under the light of the moon and stars.
Her round chin and high cheeks characterized her uniqueness.

While talking to her, I learned of her hurt and pain.
I knew at that point we shared the same.
Two people brought together by an unknown twist of fate.
Not knowing their futures and not willing to wait.

A woman so brown, beautiful, slender and sweet.
The essence of her radiance I wanted to keep.
We talked and listened, and wondered if this could last.
I pulled her close to me and felt her as she gasped.

I looked her in the eyes and asked, are you a dream come true?
She gently pulled my face towards hers and said, I am if you want me to.
The light of the moon danced off her Mahogany skin.
I kissed her long and slowly, she pulled away and grinned.

Do not tease me for my search has been long.
I have scoured the earth singing the same old song.
A song of loneliness and hope that I would someday meet.
A woman so fine and beautiful to keep.

Her aura was bold and splendor, a joyous sight to behold.
I have only heard tales of this and stories that were told.
Could you be a dream that has come into my life?
Is this my reward for living a life that wasn't quite right?

Right in the way of love and relationships that never would unfold.
Relationship that left me empty and feeling rather cold.
It began to rain and I started to wake up.
I looked around to see her and knocked over a coffee cup.

At that point I realized it was just a vision of you.
I tried to relive the moment, but felt this wouldn't do.
So once again here I sit, feeling all alone.
Wondering, daydreaming and wishing you would come home.

Come home to me in my dreams and satisfy my needs.
Come to me and keep me warm and safe in your embrace.
Let me feel the love and smile showing on your face.
I'm calling for you and thinking about you,

I know you feel it to.
Until that day comes I will hold you in my heart.
Then the loneliness will stop dogging me,
I will have my Mahogany.

Written by Jeffrey Lynn Ivory


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