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From A Man To A Woman

I dream of you every time I close my eyes,
I see your face and then you smile.
I look at you and I wonder,
why our paths have never crossed?

I feel your presence in the air,
I long for your touch I swear.
Tenderly I'll hold your hand,
softly I will kiss your lips.

For I am amazed by your inner beauty,
your sensitivity of my needs and I of yours.
I shall worship and hold you in the highest regard.
I will walk by your side and never behind or in front of you.

For I am into you and pray that you are into me.
I hold what you say to be true and will not second guess you.
I know of your hurt, for I have been hurt too.
Healing can be such a hurting pain and the process so slow.

But we shall live for the hope of a better tomorrow,
and pray that we make it through another day.
The silence of the loneliness we felt,
the isolation from seeing old friends and having

to make new ones, can hurt and yet, feel good at the same time.
We both know how it feels to count the stillness of each passing second,
minute, hour and day by yourself.
To cry out to God, please make the hurting stop!

Looking for a way out of the pain and agony of being solitary.
So afraid, so alone, so sad that people must feel this way.
I make no demands of you and you of me.
I will not hold you back, but push you forward to achieve.

I will be your bridge over troubled water when you call
to be comfort.
I will gladly give you a shoulder to cry on when you are in need.
All I ask for in return, is your friendship, understanding, compassion,
and sensitivity to my needs as a human being.

From a man to a woman.
There are no commitments, no obligations, no responsibilities.
Just two people with an understanding and respect for one another.
This is the pledge I make to you, from a man to a woman.

Written by Jeffrey Lynn Ivory


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