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When The Path Is Not Clear

If you learn to listen with your heart,
you will find that true strength,
comes from within.
If you can control its rhythm,
it will sustain you when you need it
the most.

You may not believe it,
but there is a world all around us that
is invisible to the human eye.
It is only with the heart,
one can truly see it.

We feel grief, sadness and confusion.
It blinds us of free will.
So we mourn in a sea of despair.
For in death there is rebirth.
In rebirth there is salvation.

Grief is not a weakness,
for it takes strength to mourn.
Sadness can be good.
It teaches us the value of happiness.
Confusion is simply the basis of
discovering your way.

We must believe what burns inside of us,
burns brighter than a million suns.
When you find your illumination,
you hear the song of faith.
Always remember to follow your instincts,
for it will serve you well,
when the path is not clear.

Written by Jeffrey Lynn Ivory


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