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The Man With The Golden Soul

Lady of dreams, a drop of silence I hear as the symphony
of the forest plays, a passage of life.
A dream of chant is a magical wave here on my mysterious
island, my island of life.

I am in agreement with my symphony of dreams and the
midnight motion of silhouettes in the night.
Oh song bird, don't make me wait for love,
for I have been missing you.

Whenever, wherever, whatever, lonely is the only company
I know.
I am so in love with your eyes as she smiles softly.
Her contour from dusk till dawn, a kiss in the rain and once
again, I find wonderland.

I only want to be with you, with the lights out in anticipation.
Of rainbows and golden rain, with passing clouds and natures
Changing skies within a gray day mood of distant thunder.
Somewhere in time, a journey back in time, and then return
to the present.

The sound of the sea, a ship a sailing, farewell to the mystic harbor.
September sends a favorable wind, a pale rain and the persistence
of memories as the trees weep leaves on back roads.
A love like ours was love at first sight, the real thing.

It was everything I dreamed of and more than you will ever know.
If there was ever a time when the night was young, it would never
be enough in my wildest dreams.
For I have just begun to love you and my heart beats for you.

Prelude to dreams are daydreams which are night songs that are
reflections on the water of a summer past.
Will O' Wisp, private eyes and melancholy shores make up the winds
of hope.

A day dreamer shows silent reflections on wings of song while looking
at the river of life.
Into the mist deep this times goes the man with the golden soul.
The first touch of the moon flower with the afterglow,

bends the ear of the beholder and makes life warm and tender.
Makes one want to live again and come in out of the cold.
For this is the time and it begins now,
for the man with the golden soul.

Written by Jeffrey Lynn Ivory


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